Thursday Morning Bible Study

 Leader: Pastor Tollefson
40 Coleman Road
Long Valley  
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Meeting Day(s): Thursdays
Meeting Time: 10:30 am

Thursday morning Bible study during the summer months looks at "The Parables of Jesus"  

The parables of Jesus are among the most familiar and best-loved portions of the New Testament. Rich in imagery, dramatic in style, their appeal lay in the fact that they spoke to the listeners in terms of their own experience and their own culture. In telling the parables Jesus showed himself to be the Master Teacher and Gracioius Savior.

The parables have never lost their relevance for the lives of God’s people. Their appeal is timeless and universal. That’s why the parables are truly “for today.” The parables, almost without exception, focus on one central truth: the kingdom of God – its nature, its expression, its goal. The parables are pictures about the Gospel of the kingdom highlighting one central truth – knowing the One who tells them.
  • The Unmerciful Servant – To Forgive is Divine
  • The Laborers in the Vineyard – Fair Wages
  • The Seed Growing Secretly – Inner Force
  • The Persistent Widow – Prayer’s Persistence
  • The Talents – Unequal gifts, Equal Grace
  • The Rich Man & Lararus – Rich Man, Poor Man
  • The Marriage Feast – Proper Dress
We see how the Savior shines through the very words He speaks to extend His mercy and grace to those in need.     

Join us for study, discussion and fellowship.  All are welcome!  Thursday mornings at 10:30 am

"Let the Word of Christ dwell in your richly." ~ Colossians 3:16